Neff x Vintage Frames Turn Corey Shapiro Into A Golden Pharaoh

Sean Neff and Corey Shapiro of Vintage Frames share a common obsession with creating dope accessories. Through his namesake brand, Neff has been killing the skate-style market, and his beanies have become a standard to top off any streetwear outfit imaginable. Shapiro’s eyewear brand puts forth some of the boldest frame designs in the game right now, as well as jewelry that toes the line between artsy and straight gangsta.

For their collaborative line, Neff x Vintage Frames created a design based on Shapiro’s distinct appearance adorned with a pharaoh’s head dress. In the video above, he’s rocking a chain with a pendant of the same design. That’s right, a golden version of his face hanging on a chain around his neck. That is the definition of G.

Grab the new Neff x Vintage Frames gear on Karmaloop!


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