Flatbush Zombies Drop New Album Better Off Dead

On 9/11/13 at 9:11 pm, the Flatbush Zombies released Better Off Dead, a 19-song album, for free download. We’ve been following these guys for a few years now, so we knew this was going to be a quality release. However, we weren’t expecting such a polished-yet-raw, mellow-yet-hype, amazingly-produced full-length album.

Danny Brown and Action Bronson make some crispy cameos and Harry Fraud snagged the producer credit for the best beat on the tape. Stream the whole album here:

Man, the more we listen, the more we love this shit. These guys are some crazy, talented motherfuckas doing their thing, their own way.

Click here to download the album for free.

Check out our interview with the homies from last year:




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