The New Godzilla Movie Won’t Be As Shitty As The First!

The first teaser trailer just dropped for the highly anticipated new Godzilla movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, prepare to crap your pants, because it looks SICK. The Legendary Picture’s film stars some A-list actors, such as Aaron Taylor-Johnson as a soldier with a death wish, Elizabeth Olsen as his slam piece, and Bryan Cranston as a scientist (who, unfortunately isn’t making meth). The cast alone pretty much guarantees that this version will be better than the last.

Director Gareth Edwards did a good job making sure the trailer doesn’t give away too much, but we are treated to a sick skydiving sequence–in a thunderstorm, to boot– above a scorched New York City with a titanic fire-breathing super-lizard. Works for us! The film is slated for release during the big green monster’s 60th anniversary in May, and we’re sure we’ll be there. Will you?

Here are a few of our favorite moments:






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