Out New #GUESSWUT Contest Winner Gets $100 For Doing Next To Nothing


Let’s be honest. We love doing dope shit. Whether it’s a flipbook, a photo, or a crazy remix, we live to create stimulating shit for y’all to vibe with. It’s just what we do.

The only other thing that gives us GURUs the soul-satisfaction we crave is hooking y’all up with as much fly free shit as possible. That happy look in your eyes makes us feel warm inside. So this #GUESSWUT contest thing you’ve been seeing on our Instagram, Vine, and, most recently Facebook is the perfect recipe–a win/win for everyone concerned.

This week, our contest involved guessing the true identity of a scrambled album cover:


Rhiezelle Francisco, a professional contest winner from San Francisco, liked & shared the post, liked the GURUxMAG facebook page, and guessed the correct answer in a comment on the post:

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 5.10.33 PM

And now she’s a $100 giftcode richer. $100. Could it possibly be easier? No, it couldn’t.

Be sure to follow @Karmaloop, @KarmaloopTV and @GURUxMAG on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Vine. Stay tuned for the next #GUESSWUT, coming later this week on Vine!

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