Jam Of The Week: “Flowers + Apricots & Prunes” – IAMNOBODI


Why is it always that some of the best new artists keep an extremely low profile on the interwebs? Remember when The Weeknd first came out with “Wicked Games” and we couldn’t even find a picture of the guy? We can’t lie, it definitely does add to the mystique, but hey, it’d be nice to see who the faces are of this beautiful music.

IAMNOBODI is one of those aforementioned hard-to-find-but-too-dope-to-ignore type of artists. We first heard of him through our good friend ESTA’s Soundcloud, and were instantly hooked. (Also, we’re not lying about being buddies with ESTA. Check out how he helped our latest style short with YungBambi). IAMNOBODI’s sound is a delicate fusion of soulful hip hop chops, progressive electronic flavors and groovy break beats that always seem to brighten our day somehow.

Check out his latest offering, Flowers + Apricots & Prunes, to take you back to a time when the weather was warmer and girls were wearing less clothing.

Don’t listen to this through those tired earbuds you’ve been rocking. Start your new year off with a little something from Dr. Dre.



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