New Music Monday: YUGEN Has No “Reservations” On Their Latest Jam


YUGEN is a New Orleans-based sextet that combines the poetic energy of hip-hop, improvisational ruckus jazz, and the progressive pulses of electronic music. They blend these diverse styles into a fluid live aesthetic that drips into your ear hot and heavy and blooms in your brain in an organic slew of silky pastel and gritty neon.

The band is made up of six classically trained 20-something year olds: Micah Jasper, Joao Amos, Kevin Clifford, Duncan Troast, Nic Lefebre, and Scott Clemens who are working together towards creating your newest impression of hip hop amidst a genre continuously reshaped like a wad of poetic putty stepped on by the hard soles of a mainstream industry.

micah jasper

YUGEN means a gentle gracefulness in Japanese. Their musical composition is delightfully minimal, fusing the The Root’s live eclectic jazz-hop combined with a modern Flying Lotus-esque beat aesthetic. Working on arrangements with an MC, traditional horns and quartet format, YUGEN sets out to make a form of hip hop, soul and jazz that sounds like electronic music but has the authenticity of live instrumentation.

These dudes can rip. Check out their brand new single here and let us know what you think in the comments:

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