New Orleans is the Craziest City Ever- Nicky Da B and Vito Fun Have Proof in “Droppin’ Feathers”

New Orleans rapper Nicky Da B of “Express Yourself” fame teamed up with our buddy Vito Fun, The Deloryanz, and SpacePlant to make another festival ready EDM-bounce banger called “Droppin’ Feathers.”  Vito and @LILINTERNET took a trip down to New Orleans during Mardi Gras with a bag full of cameras and shot the insanity, which was amplified to even more insane levels with a crazy edit and effects from Blizzed Out.

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When you are in New Orleans, it’s hard to believe you are in the USA at all.  Nowhere else is there so much uninhibited drinking, twerking, and dressing like a hallucination than in Nola.  Nicky Da B serves as the ringmaster to this circus with his spitfire party chants hypnotizing women into doing things with their butts that 9 out of 10 scientists still can’t explain.  New Orleans is totally insane in the best way, and look no further than the “Droppin’ Feathers” video for us to prove it.


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Check out the track on Soundcloud, and the full release with remixes on iTunes here!


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P.S. – Vito Fun is no stranger to insanity.  Watch the last video he dropped Fun Du Monde here.  It has models getting blown in the face with a leafblower.


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