Childish Gambino And Chance The Rapper Are The Worst Guys To Be On The Beach With

Love him or hate him, Childish Gambino is on top right now. The often controversial, polarizing actor/rapper released his album Because The Internet on the 6th of December to a frenzy on the…well, internet.

On “The Worst Guys,” he hits the beach with Chicagoan Rookie Of the Year, Chance The Rapper, and these two goof it out like only they could. Filled with the models, chicken wings, surfboards and karate, this video is a rare combination of all things good. Just watching these guys trying to smoke trees on a surfboard is worthy of a couple memes itself. Check it out and leave your thoughts in the comments, are y’all rocking with Childish Gambino?

Crank this out of some real headphones. 


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