New Video: ‘Heaven or Hell’ – Meek Mill Feat. Jadakiss and Guordan

Though his albums don’t move crazy units, Meek Mill is undoubtedly the voice of the streets. Go to any neighborhood on the Eastern seaboard and you are guaranteed to hear his latest tape, Dreamchasers 3, banging out of nearly every car. Meek’s ability to relate to the struggle, while inspiring people to get off their ass and make something of themselves makes him one of the few street rappers succeeding in the mainstream today. As the genre shifts towards more “common folk” music, with artists like Macklemore, Drake and Childish Gambino receiving the majority of the accolades, Meek has carved a lane for himself and refuses to compromise on roots.

On “Heaven Or Hell,” he is joined by veteran Jadakiss as they rock through Philly, giving us a gritty depiction of how it all goes down. Does Meek Mill have to what it takes to become a megastar? Click play and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Did you see Meek’s Chain though? 


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