Newcomer Blake Symphony Has Something To Make You Dance In Your Seat

Blake Symphony x Flud

It’s always refreshing when you come across a new artist and they’re actually good. Not like a “I have 10,000 fake followers” type of good, but that actually create good product. Today, we came across a new joint from producer Blake Symphony (with some help from FLUD Watches) and we can safely say that this is someone we want to hear more from.

A NYC transplant originally from St. Louis, Symphony brings together a few different elements in his newest joint, “Cannibal”. Fusing house, electro, hip-hop and a little Brazilian percussion, this has just the right amount of summer flavor for you to keep you moving in your cubicle or classroom until you can bust up outta there. Click play and keep an eye out for Blake’s new project DreamKast set to drop in the fall. Oh, and dope camo FLUD Duffle!

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  1. DJ

    July 30, 2014 at 9:42 am

    This has a dope sound.

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