Nia Long Goes On Power 105.1, Discusses “Vintage Vagina”

The forever beautiful and infinitely talented Nia Long graced The Breakfast Club with her presence this morning to promote her new movie The Best Man Holiday. The interview covers a wide variety of topics, from an insightful and intelligent discussion about race in the entertainment industry to how her husband, a coach for the San Antonio Spurs, handled their devastating Game 6 loss to Miami in last year’s finals. She side steps the question of how she is still so insanely gorgeous, saying it’s because of rest. Sure, Nia, sure.

As usual, Charlemagne comes from left field to provide the highlight of the interview when he tells Nia Long she is “vintage vagina,” explaining that “any women who is over 40 and still looks good is vintage vagina.” Come on, Charlemagne, have a little respect. He defends the phrase to an understandably offended Nia Long, telling her she should take it as a compliment. I know he doesn’t mean any harm, but it’s 2013! That shit doesn’t fly anymore.

Pick up these joints before Charlemagne the Thirst God does.


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