Nick Gazin Describes His Skeletal Cover Art for Run The Jewels Deluxe Edition

run the jewels deluxe

Back in June, the self-titled debut of Run the Jewels dropped like a bomb and momentarily directed our attention from the usual fare that engulfs the airwaves. El-P, of Company Flow and Weathermen lore, and Killer Mike, a Southern rapper from the school of Outkast, managed to find unusual synergy and make popular a sound traditionally reserved for true heads only.

Last night, Big Dada treated us to a deluxe version of Run The Jewels while we anxiously await its follow-up. The release features an update on the iconic hands design from the original record, stripping away its flesh to reveal bones. Nick Gazin, known for his art and comic contributions to VICE, is the comic artist behind the group’s visual aspect. He had this to say about his newest piece:

“I came over to El’s apartment, which is gigantic and rundown like the musical Rent, to pick up some Run The Jewels merch and discuss other art. We discussed art for this thing and whether skeletons are overdone or timeless. We decided skeletons are totally cool because every person already has one inside them. My thinking was sort of like the rotten demon flesh from the first release had rotted off and all that was left was the bones underneath.”

Crazy ill. Also, that is exactly how we pictured El-P’s apartment.

The packages come with remixes and unreleased instrumentals like “Pew Pew Pew” featuring DJ Q-Bert and “Sea Legs” courtesy of TV On The Radio’s Dave Sitek. You can also snag some sick silk-screened posters, shirts, and vinyl. Grab one here.

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