Nipsey Gets His Hussle On With His $100 Mixtape CRENSHAW


We’re not sure if this is a revolutionary marketing move, a silly get-rich-quick scheme, or just a hilarious and meaningful statement on the current de-commodification of music. Time will soon tell for Nipsey Hussle, who just released the world’s first $100 mixtape. No, that wasn’t a typo. He is really charging $100 for..a mixtape, which comes with a ticket to secret show and is limited to only 1000 hard copies. To Nipsey’s credit, he is also releasing the album for free via Datpiff, essentially forcing his core fans to make a choice about how far they are willing to go to support him.

We can’t help but be impressed with endeavor. If this works for Nipsey, think about how many artists could replicate a similar model. Do you think Drake would still go platinum even his album cost $50? This move has the potential to disrupt the entire record label structure and we will be playing close attention to what happens next. Either way, download the album for free here, or spend $100 and get a hard copy.

Do you think you represent for Los Angeles harder than Nipsey? Better make sure your gear is right.


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