Nipsey Hussles His Way To A Dope Interview With The Breakfast Club

Nipsey Hussle, the man of the moment, sat down to drop some science on The Breakfast Club this morning. Out promoting his $100 album campaign, Neighborhood Nip seemed pretty cool with the fact that Charlemagne would rather spend that amount on a “waitress” in DC, ┬áthan on supporting his music. You can’t help but love Charlemagne’s brutal honesty.

Nip touches on a world of topics, including how he was evading the law when he first signed his record contract, why he chose not to sign with Rick Ross, and what he has planned for the release for his retail album, The Victory Lap. The highlight comes when Nipsey tells us why he hates Complex Magazine and how the whole beef started. It’s pretty refreshing to hear an artist of such stature rebelling against typically revered media outlets and candidly speaking his mind. Keep going Nipsey–we got your back.

Check out The Breakfast’s Club interview with one of Nipsey Hussle’s self proclaimed heroes, Marc Ecko:



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