#Normcore: What the hell is it?


In a world where we are constantly trying to define ourselves through a multitude of wacky street fashion trends, artisanal beer brewing and handlebar moustaches, isn’t it time to drop the pretense and start dressing in a way that’s a little more, well normal?

While we can look to our fearless moms and dads for some inspiration, as well as noted fashion icons; [emuze]Jerry Seinfeld[/emuze], [emuze]Bill Cosby[/emuze] and Wilson from Home Improvement, it’s time to put the #normcore back on the street. Check out some great #normcore inspired pieces that will help you snag the look.

1. All Day Invader Shawlneck Pullover 


 Older men love a shawl collar, and that’s because it’s distinguished, we say go for it!

2. LRG Ruettiger Buttondown 


Layer this patterned buttondown under the shawl sweater for a modern twist.

3. Volcom Frickin Modern Shorts


Khaki shorts are about as #normcore as it gets, you can’t go wrong.

4. Timberland Classic 2-eye Boat Shoe


Don’t be afraid of a nice leather loafer, you’ll thank us later.

Are you ready to be #normal?


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