Obey Goes Suicidal On New Collaboration

In a rare moment, Obey’s founder and creativer leaderĀ Shepard Fairey hops in front of the camera to explain the inspiration behind the new collaboration with Suicidal Tendencies. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the first Suicidal Tendencies album, Obey linked up with legendary skateboarder Lance Mountain to bring the idea to life.

Suicidal Tendencies was one of the first hardcore punk bands to be accepted by the mainstream, helping create the west coast skate-punk scene which defined much of the ’80s and early ’90s. Consisting of vocalist MikeĀ Muir, guitarist Grant Estes, bassist Louiche Mayorga, and drummer Amery Smith, they went on to release multiple classic records and are still actively touring and inciting wild mosh-pits around the world.

The collaboration features snapbacks, long sleeves tees, bandanas and more, all based around the original line drawing done by Lance Mountain nearly 30 years ago. Pretty rad, if you ask us.

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