On The Clock With FLüD | Ashton Travis

Everyone has a friend that’s “into music”. Whether they write love songs over crude acoustic chords, or become an underground celebrity at the local karaoke bar, everyone knows someone that wants to be the next great. Whether or not they’re talented is a different story.
Houston, TX’s Ashton Travis is like your best friend that happens to rap. Actually, it turns out he’s pretty good, and what’s more, up and moved to New York with a dollar and a dream. These days, he’s hosting Sucker Free Sundays on MTV, opening for the likes of Kendrick Lamar, and hanging out with your ex-girlfriend. FLuD Way TV sat down with the 21-year old artist to talk Good Vibes, his eco-friendly creative process, and the city with the baddest girls. Afterwards, Ashton broke us off some clever flows for a special in-studio performance. Enjoy, and look out for his new project, Karma I.S.O., coming very soon.

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