Overdoz Reveal Why Astronauts Can’t Cry In Outer Space [Exclusive Interview]

Hip hop groups are almost a thing of the past. Names like A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Little Brother, sound almost ancient nowadays, as at some the headaches, egos and money lost became too much for people to deal with it. However, with the demise of those groups came the loss of some really good music.

California based Overdoz gives us hope that someone might reverse that very soon. An eclectic group of four emcees and producers, comprised of Joon, Sleezy, Kent, and Creamie, they bring the classic, carefree Los Angeles sound back to the mainstream. We had a chance to sit down with them in our Boston office and get to pick their brains before they got ready to go out and get turnt and burnt in the city. They discuss their relationship with Kendrick and how he used to actually open for their shows(!), signing to RCA/Sony and why it is that astronauts can’t cry in space. Click play to get the full story and look out for their first official album set to hit album “hopefully before Joon’s birthday”!


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