Flowers? Nah, This Is Paisley [STYLE GUIDE]


Let’s be clear: paisley isn’t for everyone. If you aren’t big on wearing patterns, then you probably don’t know much about paisley prints. But like all good things in life, you’ll never know if you don’t try it. When it comes to wearing prints, not all of them are appropriate to wear year-round. A prime example of this are tropical prints; you are guaranteed to look like a clown if you show up to an event in the winter looking like you were just in Maui.

Paisley is great in-between print, appropriate to wear year-round and bold enough to make a statement at the same (damn) time. Just be sure to pair it with a solid piece, and never try to wear contrasting patterns. If you’re top is printed, the bottom should be solid and vice-versa. Get your paisley on.

1. Classified Paisley Print Buttondown 

A slim fit buttondown, in a unique color tone and pattern makes this a surefire holiday pick. The dark grey/purple color makes it versatile enough to be paired with almost anything from dark denim to khaki chinos. Stay away from camo pants or anything printed.


2. Civil Sweatpants in Paisley Black

If you’re looking for a pair of sweats that might be appropriate to wear outside, you’ve met your match. Civil brings us these multi colored joints, with enough swag to last you two lifetimes.


3. Mishka Kashmir Hoody

Probably our favorite piece out of the lot, this Mishka hoody reeks of dopeness. The bright turquoise will be a welcome change of pace in the winter, and the price point only makes it better. Grab some cargo pants for these while you’re at it.



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