Paris Menswear A/W 2014: The Sh*t You Can Actually Wear Without Looking Like a Total Freak

3.1 Phillip Lim Men's Paris 2011-4

Ah, fashion week. Paris. London. Milan. Don’t you just love hopping in your PJ and catching all of the hottest collections on the catwalk, making note of which designs you’ll be wearing in A/W of 2014, like this LSD marshmallow look? We wish. Kinda. Like who actually wears an LSD marshmallow outfit?  This is the exact reason we decided to write this post.

The weird thing about fashion shows is 95% of the stuff in the show looks like either a bad trip or you traveled back to the Victorian age in a broken time machine that made everyone’s clothes look like they are viewed through a fun house mirror.  To make things easier, we went through the menswear collections to find that elusive other 5% that a human being, from earth, might actually rock.

Personally we’ve never been Paul Smith fans, but his collection is pretty wearable. We would definitely wear this palm tree dress shirt.


Nice work Y-3.  Is it just us or is Adidas kinda on fire right now?  We’d rock this entire outfit.


Lanvin’s name always made me think of a brand that makes soap and shampoo or something, but this jacket and sneaker combo is sick!


Miharayasuhiro’s collection has a couple of dope sweaters we’d wear, but the stand out are these boots with blood drops on them.  Really, really want these.


Juun J is a South Korean designer that we absolutely love.  This shiny puffy jacket does nothing short of stuns- if we had a couple stacks to drop this would be at the top of our winter coat list.


Givenchy brings us this crewneck sweatshirt with a basketball stripe pattern.  The whole collection is actually basketball inspired, pretty rad when you consider it’s Givenchy!  Totally wearable if you have a stack to drop on a crewneck.


Junya Watanabe’s collection generally looks like if Willy Wonka was a freight train hopping hobo in the 1940’s, but this see thru net style sweater is pretty #swag.  Put a cool graphic tee under it and you have some effective layering right there.


OK, so this Rick Owens outfit might make you look half way like a freak, but it’s such a good “A$AP Kanye” look we had to share it.  Definitely into oversized silhouettes, the grey sweats, but we’re still not mad at the super tall tee layered man skirt look.  You probably are, but we’re not.  We’re letting this one slide.


Earlier we commented how a lot of runway stuff looks like a bad trip.  Issey Miyake’s shirt and shorts however look like a good trip.  So we’re going for it.


We are feeling Raf Simon’s full collection really, one of the few collections that is overall rockable.  Not sure we’d wear this shirt and pants at the same time, but on their own, definitely!


Walter Van Beirendonck’s collection is rather ridiculous, but this oversized tee with bold, colorful graphics caught our eye.


While much of this stuff is far outside of the 99%’s budget, it’s still nice to see what the rich kids are doing. The thing that we learned many years ago is, you don’t need to spend your car’s downpayment to look fresh. All you need is some Karmaloop.

Swag out these leather joggers and use the pockets to keep all that extra money you saved instead of shopping at Givenchy.


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