Part One Of ASAP Rocky’s Documentary Is Out. Peep It Here.

Last week, we showed you the trailer for [emuze]ASAP Rocky[/emuze]’s new documentary, SVDDXNLY and were definitely curious to see how the final product came out. Though we didn’t get that entire satisfaction, we did get a part one and that’s better than nothing.

Catching him in the middle of his tour with [emuze]Rihanna[/emuze] and the ASAP MOBB, Rocky breaks down his modest beginnings, how he learned to rap (and curse pretty heavily) at a kitchen table and why his moms named him after the legendary emcee, [emuze]Rakim[/emuze]. Flacko, as he prefers to be called during this, outlines how his older brother was instrumental in his development as a rapper, and he lets his sister tell a story about how he once stepped out to his 5th birthday party. It’s pretty good stuff all around.

Click play above to feel the full energy of ASAP and remember to Always Strive And Prosper.

We did some WORK with [emuze]ASAP Ferg[/emuze]. For real though:


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