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Pharrell And Nigel Sylvester Talk BMX Culture And Being Weird

The Pharrell hat isn’t dead yet. Linking up with legendary BMXer Nigel Sylvester, Pharrell hops on his bike as they two cruise the city and talk the evolution of BMX culture, the misconceptions of riders and why Pharrell has never minded being a weirdo.

In case you thought Pharrell was fronting (get it?), just refer back to his video for “Lap Dance,” where he is caught riding around with his homies and seems pretty damn comfortable with it. Nigel is probably best known for being the most recognizable face in BMX riding, having done collaborations with everyone from Nike to G-Shock and it’s refreshing to see him speak his mind about a sport that he has single-handedly helped popularize.

Click play to watch two OGs drop gems and catch Nigel damn near jumping over the now iconic “Pharrell hat.”

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