Pharrell Outraps Everyone On Future’s Latest Banger “Move The Dope”


Ok, by now we have to come to terms that Pharrell probably isn’t human. Considering he hasn’t aged a bit in the last two decades, ruled every genre of music last year, put out a 24-hour long music video AND just outrapped Pusha T (out of all people) on a track, we think we have a good case.

As Future continues to feed the streets with bangers every couple months, we thought we knew what we were going to get on “Move That Dope.” And up to the point Pharrell started rapping we were right. But then, it just got turned up to a whole new level. Skateboard P came through with a confidence and cadence that we haven’t heard from him in years. Don’t get us wrong, we know Pharrell is the man, we just hadn’t heard it on a record. Yes, we enjoyed his soulful crooning on Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” but rapping is just different. On this joint, P just floats on everyone, all while talking that shit that we love to hear. Pharrell for President?

You might not be able to flow like him, but at least you can rock the same boots. 




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