Pictureplane Hacks the Planet in “Self Control” – Incredible Cyberpunk Styling [ORIGINAL VIDEO PREMIERE]

Electronic musician and Mishka collaborator Pictureplane, aka Travis Egedy, is known for fully embracing the future with a DIY punk attitude.  He’s the epitome of cyberpunk, manipulating technology for creativity with a dose of magic thrown in.  In his new video “Self Control,” Travis co-directs with KarmaloopTV‘s Shomi Patwary to create a near future techno-dystopia in New York City.


The world they’ve created is one of excess, darkness,  sex, technology, and danger.  Styled by Ms. Fitz, the fashion they’ve created for their dark future stands among the best of cyberpunk.  From the extremely scary “agents” clad in monstrous bondage masks and feathers to the sexy shiny PVC and neon protagonists, it’s a perfectly executed vision that looks like an anime film come to life.  Travis Pictureplane himself created all of the machines in the video, hacked together devices that enable it’s users to enter a different world.  Check out the universe they’ve built and watch our original premiere of Pictureplane’s “Self Control!”

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