The Pro Era Just Dropped ANOTHER Mixtape. Come Get It.


The Pro Era party just doesn’t stop. Months after releasing their last offering, Secc$ Tape, they are back with The Shift EP, this time teaming up with Scion AV for the drop. Bringing their classic, nostalgic boom bap flavor, the Pros hit us with 5 savory tracks to hold us down for the spring/summer/rainy season.

Introducing some members we haven’t heard from before, this tape has a couple different flavors for listeners. Our favorite definitely had to be “On My Life” featuring Joey and Nyck Caution with trippy percussion patterns and super wavy hook that caught our ear. If there’s one thing that can’t be disputed, it’s how raw and hard all these dudes can spit. It’s like it never stops!

We linked up with the Pros for one of the craziest videos ever. No, really.

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