Producer Scoop DeVille Reveals He Has A Record That Will Shake The Planet

When your pops is a legendary rapper, it’s only right that you follow in his footsteps to greatness yourself. Such is the story with LA-born producer, Scoop DeVille. Son of rapper Kid Frost, DeVille started producing at a young age and since then has amassed a catalogue which includes credits for Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Game, Fat Joe and more.

Scoop came through the Karmaloop studio to sit down and chop it up with our Model Gibran, and dropped a few jewels during his time.  He talks about how Jay Z helped him have a defining moment in his career, and why he wants to throw a concert on Mars. The highlight is definitely when he reveals the collaborative record that he has that, in his words, “will shake the planet.” Click play to see who he’s talking about.

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