Product Of The Day: Rocksmith Shocker! Cargo Pants are Back!


Some of the Guru guys are placing their bets on a resurgence of late 90’s style- Think the movie KIDS all over again.  Cargo pants certainly were a staple of those years, and we are welcoming them back.  These militant-inspired cargos from Rocksmith are tough as nails, and have a touch of modernity with the staggered pockets and zippered pockets.

There’s a black pair for a more contemporary look, and some khaki’s for the classic look.  Cargo pants are perfect for accessory laden pockets, not to mention they are baggy enough to layer some sweatpants underneath when the weather hits the single digits like it did today in most of the country.  Sometimes you sacrifice convenience for style, but with these you get the best of both worlds.

Karmaloop_Guru_CTA_Click_to_Shopguru_rocksmith_rockwell_Cargos_620_01  guru_rocksmith_rockwell_Cargos_620_03 guru_rocksmith_rockwell_Cargos_620_04

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