A Look Back: Pusha T’s 5 Best Verses On Lord Willin’


It’s kinda crazy–it’s been over ten years since Pusha-T entered the rap game, and we still haven’t got a solo album from him. Arguably one of the pioneers of the coke rap genre, Pusha’s been busy playing the soldier role in the G.O.O.D Music crew over the last few summers. With stellar verses on a slew of big records including Mercy, New God Flow, and Pain, he effortlessly kept his name in the conversation throughout 2012.

With his solo debut My Name Is My Name dropping on October 8th, we decided to take a retrospective look at the Clipse‘s debut album, Lord Willin’. Here are Pusha’s five best verses from the timeless classic:

1. When Was The Last Time

Verse 1: “Top down, chrome missing/ you see the boss grinning, I’m loving these grown women.”

Arguably one of the most iconic opening bars of all time. The way the beat cuts out as Pusha hits his signature cadence is golden. He goes into explicit detail regarding many important tidbits, including exactly how many women he prefers in the coupe and how to “Cinderella these girls from nothin’ to somethin’.” Listen and learn.

2. Let’s Talk About It

Verse 1: “I’m too much, got bitches out for me/Bring ‘em home, give ‘em choice of balcony/She said ‘We can have more fun,’ I said ’How can we?’/Then she brought her girl in and ate her out for me.”

Very few hip hop tropes are as played out as bills and women. But somehow, Pusha keeps it fresh, throwing in dialogue and the clever rhyme of “balcony” with “how can we.” Rhyming with a phrase instead of a word grabs the listener’s attention and gives the verse momentum, paving the way for the punch line.

3. Cot Damn 

Verse 3: “They call me Pusha for one reason/Cause I keep that sniff all season.”

Who doesn’t remember the first time they heard Cot Damn? Pharrell’s blaring horns and signature crooning set the perfect landscape for the Thorton brothers to do their thing thing. Pusha delivered his verse with such appropriate drama and drawl, it immediately became stuck in your head for days. Instant classic.

4. Grindin’

Verse 1: “Platinum on the block with consistent hits/while Pharrell keep talking this music shit.”

We can all agree that the beat is what makes this song what it is. Going against the trend at that time, The Neptunes crafted a minimalistic, percussion driven track, a sound which would go on to dominate the mid-2000s Billboard charts. Pusha knew exactly what to do here, utilizing the double meaning of the platinum hits and the platinum color of his beloved drugs.

5. Comedy Central

Verse 3: “Ask him, Pusha-T/Push-a-Ton/Push a ton of that shit that makes ya nose run”

It’s no surprise that some of Pusha’s best lines would be about coke, but this verse goes a layer deeper. Interspersed amidst a gang of clever metaphors about Pusha’s drugs, cars, guns, and bitches are disses aimed at rappers pretending to have his authenticity. As Pusha suggests, some of these guys should get themselves a show on Comedy Central, since they can only pretend to know the life he raps about.

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