R. Kelly Enters The Mike Tyson Zone And Hires An Impersonator To Perform For Him In Louisiana

As of last night, R. Kelly officially reached the Mike Tyson Zone. Basically, there literally isn’t anything he could do at this point that would surprise us. R. Kelly has a secret love child with Rihanna? Sure. R. Kelly is starting a new career as a high school teacher? Why not? Anything you hear about him is believable. We don’t take entry into this Zone lightly, but last night R. Kelly showed why he deserves to be there.

At a show in Louisiana advertised as an R. Kelly performance, and with ticket prices of $150, an R. Kelly impersonator took the stage three hours after the stated show time. The impersonator made it four minutes into his set before boos forced him off the stage. Concert promotor Cedric Johnson claims he was “duped” and will refund half the money to ticket buyers. Uh, that better become a full refund.

Now, this is hardly the weirdest or worst thing R. Kelly has done, but this move is stupid beyond belief. Did R. Kelly really think he could get away with this? Like people wouldn’t notice that it wasn’t actually him or that the impersonator wasn’t actually singing? Come on, R. Kelly. This kind of thing barely works for the artsy fartsy acts that can make an excuse for it, like MF Doom or Death Grips. This is just plain dickish.

Are you trying to impersonate R. Kelly? Make sure you have the look down pat:


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