BREAKING: Scientists Invented Glow In The Dark Rabbits!


Scientists working at the University of Istanbul and the University of Hawaii-Manoa have just premiered a new creation that will solve both my crushing loneliness and my crippling fear of the dark. Glow-in-the-dark rabbits are finally a thing.

Basically, they injected some poor/lucky rabbits with a fluorescent jellyfish gene and voila! Now they glow! Rabbits can finally fulfill their potential on God’s green earth as night lights, an alternative to the glow stick (does anything go together better than “rave” and “rabbit”?), as a decorative piece in your home… The options are endless.

No, but really, can you imagine a bunch of rolling eighteen year olds holding rabbits instead of glow sticks? This is revolutionary stuff. Will PETA love it or hate it, though? I personally think scientists should even go a step further. Rabbits are great, but we should go bigger, better. Horses. Giraffes. Elephants. Parties will never be the same.

Plus, the clean-up will be way easier. As someone who’s bought glow sticks in bulk, those things break, and they’re not reusable. Animals on the other hand…

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