Chappelle Show’s Donnell Rawlings Best Tweets About Donald Sterling

By: Phillip Mancini

Some of you may know Donnell Rawlings from MTV’s Guy Code or Chappelle’s Show where he had famous catchphrases like “I’m Rich Bitchhhhh!”  He’s brought his hilarity to Twitter when Rawlings decided to deal with the Donald Sterling issue in a different way than most, with comedy.  We’re hoping Donald Sterling sees some of this because it truly does make him look like an ignorant undeserving clown.  Check out some of these gems we found on Donnell Rawlings Twitter page.


You remember that missing plane?  I think we have figured out the reason why they never found that black box…You a clown Donald Sterling.

donnell rawlings BLACK BOX


I didn’t see 12 Years a Slave yet but I would have to say this would probably sell better and take all the Oscars.  LOL.



Blake Griffin’s hair and his mama can stay but the rest of him has to go.  It’s funny because this isn’t a joke, this actually went through Donald Sterling’s head at one point.


HAHAHAHA….no comment


We saved the best for last.  Donnell Rawlings officially killed Twitter with this one.  Am I cool now Donald?  Can I please come to the game now Donald?  Pretty please?  Imagine seeing the stands with all white people… nah… imagine seeing the stands with no people.  F*** you Donald Sterling!  You a clown.


Also check out this video Donnell Rawlings did in the streets of New York asking people’s opinion about Donald Sterling.  Would you work for this racist old man for 5 pairs of Jordan’s?  Hmmm…


What are your opinions on Donald Sterling?  Old racist man with money sounds too familiar to me.  Why didn’t he just buy a hockey team?   WHY DONALD WHY?!  You are dumb and inconsiderate.  Also, everyone hates you and your fish face and fat gut.  That is all.

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