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Rick Ross Finishes His Breakfast Live On Power 105.1

The biggest bawse of ‘em all, Mr. Rick Ross, sat down with The Breakfast Club today to discuss his upcoming album, Mastermindhis favorite type of chicken wings and a world of other topics. Ross has a had a turbulent 2013, from losing his Reebok endorsement over his perceived rape lyrics to dropping the monster song, FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt, with Jay Z. Regardless of it all, Ross was smooth as a bottle of Belair Rose as he sat down to chop it up with Charlemagne and the gang.

If you are familiar with his grandiose way with words, this is a must watch. Rozay begins the interview by explaining why he’s true mastermind. He then goes on to talk about his beef with Jimmy Kimmel, why he gave Jay Z the beat for FWMYKIGI, and how he’s losing weight through the Cross Fit training program. Yes, you read that right: Rick Ross does Cross Fit. If you aren’t already on your way to the gym after reading that, you really need to reassess your life.

The highlight of the interviews comes when Ross is asked to describe his ideal vacation spots, which actually turns into him talking about his favorite foods on the island of Jamaica. Listening to Rozay describe the savoriness of some roadside jerk chicken had both Charlemagne and Angela Yee salivating, and understandably so. Watch the interview for yourself and see if you don’t end up hungry by the end. We got $10 on it.

We know you couldn’t ignore Rozay’s pink diamond-ed out Louis Vuitton shades. Here are a few less intense ones.


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