Crispy New Track By Riff Raff, Trouble Andrew, OG RON C And Dirty Trunk Will Induce Involuntary Twerking


Doesn’t feel kinda like Christmas morning when your favorite artists collaborate? Yes, yes it does. When Riff Raff and Trouble Andrew came together a few months ago, we caught that heavenly feeling. If you’re still busy hating on RiFF RaFF, you really need to get off the internet and go outside and frolic around a bit, man. The dude is pure entertainment, and the last time I checked, this is the entertainment industry.

“Dirty Trunk” is a syrupy concoction. Drippin’ dat purple drank. Lifting listeners off that chopped and screwed bouncy-bounce. At some point, I strongly urge you bump this in your ride. Whether you’re whipping a Caprice on dubs or a Toyota Corolla with three hubcaps, shit gonna KNOCK, bruh (if you’re actually in a Corolla, just make sure you lean your seat back a little bit. Make it feel authentic, na’mean?).

Experience it for yourself:

Remember that time when Carissa interviewed Riff Raff? That was nuts.


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