Rock With The Best: The Coziest Rocksmith Crewnecks For The Winter


Who else remembers when Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y first started wearing Rocksmith back in 2009? Whether it was performances at SXSW or in music videos, the How Fly duo would always be flossing something fresh from the NYC/Tokyo-based retailer. Then as if almost over night, Rocksmith became the go-to favorite brand for the streets and artists alike, and they haven’t cooled off since.

We’ve always liked the toughness that Rocksmith brings with their pieces. It’s like, you can get through whatever bullshit you’re going through, as long as you got something fly on your back. As we try to get through another shitty winter, we decided to look through the e-bins of clothes of Rocksmith on Karmaloop to find something rugged and wavy to hold us down.

Scroll down to see our favorite Rocksmith Crewnecks for this season and find the one to keep you toasty.  


1. The Explicit Quilt Sweatshirt 


The leathers sleeves set it off, and the zippered pockets are too dope to ignore.


2. The Smokers Crewneck 



Now we’re not advocating that you blow trees, but if you do, then do it in this crew.

3. The Jungle Book Sweatshirt



Who doesn’t want to be a big cat?

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