Get The Kanye West Double Flannel Look [STYLE GUIDE]


Ok, we get it. We didn’t all like Kanye West’s “Bound” 2 video. However, if you don’t think there was something to learn from it, you are gravely mistaken. Yeezy as been a trendsetter for nearly a decade now, from rocking pink polos in 2004 to wearing kilts in 2012. This year, he takes it to the next level by wearing not one, but two flannels at the same time in the “Bound 2” video.

After testing hundreds of combinations, we finally found the best combination of flannels on Karmaloop and brought them here for you. Whether you want to wear one at a time, or both at once, we’ll leave at up to you. Either way, you won’t find crispier flannels anywhere else.

1. Mishka and Society 

These are two of the most trusted brands in streetwear, so you can’t go wrong either way. Society brings a crisp new design, with the upside down heart logo while Mishka keeps it classic with the lumberjack flannel print.


2. Matix and Vans 

Matix hits us with the quintessential winter, buffalo flannel while Vans brings a more lighter, more summer friendly color palette. If you’re unsure, just cop both and wear them separately.


3. LRG and Crooks & Castles 

LRG gives us a cozy flannel, guaranteeing warmth and style at the same time, while Crooks bring the ruckus with this durable navy and hunter green buttondown. Layer either of these over a hoodie for a little extra warmth and hit the road.


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