Staff Selects: RockSmith The Freetown Fishtail Parka


Do you ever feel like you underestimate the weather when it comes to this time of year?

When that cold slowly creeps up, and it feels like you’re in the Arctic Circle within a minute you step outside. Thankfully, the actual people of the Arctic crafted parkas back in the day to protect themselves. Though you probably don’t need seal skinned ones like the original ones, this one by RockSmith will do just fine.

This quilted jacket has a faux fur detailing so your face won’t freeze off, along with drawstrings to adjust the fit for layering. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the purpose of the fishtail, that’s just for looks, it doesn’t actually do anything.Karmaloop_Guru_CTA_Click_to_Shopguru_rocksmith_freetown_fishtail_parka_620_02guru_rocksmith_freetown_fishtail_parka_620_03

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