RockSmith Unveils Their Super Loud Spring 2014 Collection


Well, it’s safe to say that RockSmith is really not playing around this year. Gone are the days of traditional streetwear, with the standard line of graphic crewnecks and snapbacks. Gone are the rappers smoking trees in the lookbook. Gone are any strands from the past, and replacing them are waves of the future.

Heavily inspired by current trends in men’s designer wear, this collection makes a very clear statement about the direction RockSmith is looking to go. Black and gold are definitely the prevalent themes here, and we’re digging the “OG” Snapback the Life’s A Bitch Crewneck off a first glance. Though we wouldn’t wear these every day in the summer, we can definitely seeing some of these crewnecks being appropriate for those chilly late nights.

Safely distinguishing themselves from every other streetwear brand with this cold collection, we have a feeling we might see more surprises from RockSmith this year. Click below to shop all your favorite Rocksmith pieces on Karmaloop now. 


Karmaloop_Guru_Rocksmith_ Karmaloop_Guru_Rocksmith_1 Karmaloop_Guru_Rocksmith_2 Karmaloop_Guru_Rocksmith_3 Karmaloop_Guru_Rocksmith_4 Karmaloop_Guru_Rocksmith_6



Images via Hypebeast.


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