Get The Right Rugby For The Holidays [Style Guide]


Rugby shirts should be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, whether male or female. It’s like a polo shirt and a  a crewneck mated and spawned the rubgy, the liger of collared tees. They are great to wear for those “in between” fashion situations. For example, let’s look at Thanksgiving dinner: you don’t want to look like a slob in front of your family, but you definitely don’t want to overdress either. Wearing a rugby will give you a refined, casual look, and simultaneously quell all of grandma’s fears about your life trajectory.

Keeping your grandma in mind, we found the cleanest rugby shirts on Karmaloop so you could get a head start. Now worry about how to explain that “strong” smell that keeps coming from your room.

Here are the 3 cleanest Rugby shirts on Karmaloop right now. 

1. 10 Deep Nightfall Rugby

Fresh from their winter collection, 10 Deep gives us this crazy dope new shirt. Featuring their signature floral print in the center, this rugby has all the styling of a classic Ralph Lauren piece with a modern twist.


2. Crooks and Castles NCL Rugby

Now this is dope. Playing off the classic American flag color palette, Crooks hits us with a bold shirt that can work in nearly any occasion. Featuring their fictional “Strikers” pennant on the front, this shirt will lead you to more victories than losses. Quote us on that.


3. Billionaire Boys Club Gamo Rugby

We just can’t stop posting BBC. This piece caught our attention because of the full sleeve camo pattern; we’ve never seen that on a polo shirt before.



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