Run The Jewels, Big Boi, And Some Fly Cars In A Dark Parking Lot [GIF NOTES]


Run The Jewels is one of the most consistent hip hop groups out today. Killer Mike and El-P have been churning out singles, projects, and videos over the past year, and they’re all dope–the beats always knock and the duo’s chemistry is always off the charts.

Today, they dropped a new video for “Banana Clipper” via Complex. The video is pretty conventional for a hip hop music video–awesome cars and rappers spitting at the camera in a dark parking lot–but they obviously spent a significant amount of money on it. We’ve been seeing a bunch of ultra-low budget videos coming out recently, so it’s nice to know that there are still people out there investing in dope visuals.

The song itself is a BANGER. Killer Mike and El-P mimic each other’s flows while still maintaining their individual styles. Big Boi shows up at the end of the song and, as much as we love the OutKast veteran, his presence feels more like a non-sequitur than anything else. He randomly comes in at the very end of the song and delivers a so-so eight bars or so. Regardless, this song is dope, and the video is worth a watch or two. We know some of you working folk out there can’t be watching videos during working hours, so here are a few of our favorite moments as GIFs:





Run the jewels, homie. 

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