RVCA Gets Remio, DMOTE And Norm To Tag Up Hawaii

Getting graffiti writers to show their face is like…getting graffiti writers to show their face. It’s nearly impossible. Think about it, do you have any idea what Banksy looks like?

RVCA somehow pulls off the impossible, and gets three of the most prolific writers of all time to get in front of the camera and tag up the beautiful island of Hawaii together. The most notable of the three is Remio from the VTS crew, who recently did HUF’s Winter Lookbook (which we featured here), where they bombed an abandoned building in Detroit and turned it into an actual masterpiece. Joining him is DMOTE, the man who was pretty much responsible for starting Australi’s graff scene in the mid-90s, and Norm, who turned his ability to tag into owning of one the most popular tattoo shops in LA. Not a bad starting line up at all.

Click play to watch these guys get busy and give Hawaii a whole different look from what we know it as. Featuring more spray cans than we could count and sick time elapsed footage of their pieces, this will have you wanting to sneak into train yards after dark like it’s the ’80s again.


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