Sad Sneakers: Kanye, Jay, and More Bummed Out in Jordan III Black/Cement

Hip Hop heads know that every successful album has a soft side:  MCHG has “Part II (On The Run),” Life is Good has “Daughters,” and Take Care has… well, the whole thing is soft as fuck. But what most people don’t know is it takes a certain mindset to write a vulnerable song.  After tireless research, we’ve found the secret. It lays in the cushioned padding of the saddest sneakers in the hip hop and shoe game: Air Jordan 3, Black/Cement.

These kicks have adorned the feet of some of the biggest rappers as they wrote their most emotional songs and have helped them pull the words from the deepest, darkest recesses of their twisted souls.

Black cement 3s look good on J Cole.

Before Cole wrote “Power Trip,” we found him sitting on the edge of a poorly-lit parking lot, staring into the black leather toe box, thinking to himself, “You got me up all night.”

Hov in the black cements.

While working on MCHG, Jay would strap up these kicks and go for long, competitive strolls through Lower Manhattan . During one of these walks, he got to thinking about running away from it all, which became “Part II (On The Run).”

Good kid, maad sneakers.

K Dot laced up a pair of Black/Cement, changed his name and found “Keisha’s Song (Her Pain)” waiting for him on the other side.

Drake in Cement 3s.

Drake doesn’t actually need help expressing his soft side.

But, if only Dwight could get himself a pair.


And guess what kicks Spenzo is rocking in this Karmaloop TV video where he FINDS OUT HE IS DEAD AT THE END. Pretty fucking sad. That’s right. I just ruined it.

Don’t be sad. Get some happy (a.k.a, fresh) kicks from Karmaloop right now. 


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