Samiyam’s New Album Wish You Were Here Is HARD As Hell

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Samiyam was thrust into the spotlight about four years ago by L.A. beat king Flying Lotus, with whom he released an EP titled FLYamSAM. What makes him special as a producer is the fact that no one can seem to imitate his sound. His beats are always harder, grimier, simpler than his imitators can muster. His beats sound as if a prodigious four-year-old smoked a fatty and spent five hours on an MPC going wild. Absolutely inimitable.

Wish You Were Here is his third full-length album and his first release with Stones Throw. While the sounds are definitely less experimental and the timing is less consistently behind the beat, you can immediately tell it’s a Samiyam production–mainly because of the drums. He just finds a way take four or five simple sounds and flip them in a way that makes it impossible not to nod your head. A perfect example:

Interestingly enough, he also makes his debut on the mic on one of three rap songs on the album. A valiant effort no doubt, but we honestly feel he missed the mark. “On A Limb,” on the other hand, features veteran rapper Evidence (of Dialated Peoples) is 100% on point–definitely one of the stand out tracks.

All in all, the 16-track album is a solid effort, with very few weak spots. Definitely worth a listen.

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