Shomi’s Homies: The Top 5 Rawest BET Uncut Videos

The infamous credit card scene.

Ah, BET Uncut, how we miss you. How we miss creeping downstairs to our mammoth-sized color televisions, carefully stepping as not to wake our peacefully sleeping parents. The feeling of pointing our remote towards the cable box, knowing there was nothing but hedonistic visual bliss ahead.

Ok, this is getting weird.

For the uninitiated, BET Uncut was an “after-hours” (it started at 3am, lulz) programming special, which played explicit, unedited rap music videos. Raunchy enough to garner the coveted TV-MA rating. In other words, it was a time slot in which they played soft-core porn. And, that’s probably why we loved it so much. (I really, really hope my mother doesn’t know about this site.)

In our quest to relive the BET Uncut experience, we decided to consult our resident GURU, Shomi Patwary. Lucky for us, he was well versed in the ways of the Uncut and had some worthy insights for us. Here are the 5 rawest BET Uncut videos as according to Shomi Patwary. Enjoy the resolution on these:

1. Black Jesus – What That Thang Smell Like: 

BET Uncut was the original WorldStar Hip Hop. Think about that. This video is GOLD, by the way.

2. Mighty Casey – White Girls:

Is this Drake meets Kenny Powers? The fact that he had a fucking blow up doll giving him cabeza is mindblowing. (See what I did there?)

3. Nelly – Tip Drill: 

The credit card scene, dawg. WTF. This set the bar for all Uncut videos that came after.

4. 50 Cent – Disco Inferno: 

I think 50 was the first mainstream rapper to do low-budget, hood videos that actually went viral.

5. Murs Ft. Shock G – Risky Business

Watch this very, very closely. There are some, um, well known “actresses” in this video.

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