Back to Cool: The 7 Freshest Bags For Back To School Season [STYLE GUIDE]


The end of summer signifies more than just a change in weather. The days get shorter, girls start wearing more clothes, and, oh yeah, you have to go back to school. Though none of those sound like particularly fun situations, we’re committed to helping you get through them. We are GURUs, after all.

Since your thoughts will soon be consumed by homework assignments, the girl who smells like coconuts and raspberries and sits next to you in health class, and what to wear every day (Hint: Don’t make it harder on yourself), we want to solve the problem: “How am I gonna carry all my stuff?” Whether you’re in the middle of New York City or in Florida (God forbid), we have something that will fit your lifestyle. Check out our freshest bags:

1. Herschel Supply – The Pop Quiz Backpack (Camo):

Herschel bags are everywhere these days. They’re stylish, high quality, functional bags for a reasonable price… on the real, I’m rocking a Pop Quiz backpack right now and I have no complaints whatsoever. It comes with enough compartments to stash things without looking bulky and the laptop sleeve makes life easier everyday. I wish I had seen this Camo print version before I bought mine in Black because it definitely makes a statement, but I wouldn’t give mine up for $5,000, yo. Show up with this crispy bag on the first day of school and you can’t lose.


Herschel Supply

2. Biography Wear – The MacGyver Canvas Pack:

This bag is not called the “MacGyver” Pack for nothing. Here is a backpack that is ready for whatever. With its distinctive styling and color combination, this bag makes a statement and then some. The detachable canvas front pouch gives it versatility, as you can use that by itself (it comes with messenger bag straps), and slim down the profile of the backpack at the same time. This bag seems more fit for the rugged terrain of suburban campuses, but I wouldn’t mind facing the hellhole that is a morning commute in NYC with this on.


Biography Wear

3. FLUD Watches – Urban Dweller Messenger Bag:

FLUD brings you both function and form with this one. The wool exterior is a very cozy look for the fall/winter and will pair nicely with a fresh flannel shirt and chinos. This bag comes up with a padded shoulder strap for additional comfort and spaced compartments for a laptop, cellphone and other everyday necessities.


FLUD Watches

4. Herschel Supply – Strand Duffle Bag Now, this is clean. Herschel merges vintage styling with modern functionality for this piece. Featuring a corded poly-cotton exterior, this bag is ready for whatever you want to throw at it. Though it is labeled a “duffle” bag, it is the perfect size to use everyday or for a quick weekend out of town. The snap down closures on the side allow you to chose how big or small you need it to be, meaning no one will notice if you pack a change of clothes in anticipation for a “study session” going wild. Just sayin’.


Herschel Supply

5. Neff – Daily Pack NEFF is slowing making its mark on the streetwear world, led by the fearless Shaun Neff. This Daily Pack is meant for those who just need to throw their stuff somewhere and GO (read: all of us). The distinctive teal color scheme will make you one of the cool kids, and no one will know you did it for only $30 bills. Pair this bag with these Reeboks and you will literally be swag surfing around campus. Ladies love a good swag surfer.



6. Obey – Uptown Roll Top Backpack When has Obey ever led you wrong? Exactly, never. If you claim to be a streetwear enthusiast and don’t pick this up, you’re doing it wrong. The rolltop enclosure is both aesthetically dope and effective. The front zip compartment gives you the ability to stash things that you need quick access to, without having to open the rolltop every time. Speaking from personal experience, the leather padding at the bottom is crucial and will keep your bag looking crispy for a minute. Don’t sleep on this jawn.



7. Mi-Pac – Leopard Duffle Bag Never heard of Mi-Pac before, but this bag caught my attention. This duffle is slim enough to bring to class and not look like a clown, but spacious enough to carry what you need. The suede bottom will protect it from getting scuffed, and the polyester straps will hold you down. And we both know you need a little more leopard print to your wardrobe. Yes, even when you wrap it up.

Duffle Bag


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