Shwood Has What You Need To Do Your Shmoney Dance This Summer


We all know the Shmoney Dance is the full effect, and if you aren’t rocking a pair of Shwoods on your face while you’re doing it, then you’re doing it wrong. Usually known for their well crafted, wood-fitted eyewear, Shwood switches it up and takes it to the cobblestone for their summer collection.

Featuring their Canby model in a sleek black and white stone combo, this is something that Bobby Shmurda definitely needs in his next video. A versatile piece that can be used to compliment a bunch of different looks, we can see this being on the faces of rappers, skateboards and hypebeasts a like.

Scroll through the product photos and then click below to check out all the new models on Karmaloop today.

shwood-fifty-fifty-stone-collection-2 shwood-fifty-fifty-stone-collection-3


Ready to Shmurda dance?


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