Shwood Has Got Your (Eyes) Covered This Summer [STYLE GUIDE]


The summer sun is most definitely #outchea, but if you’re still squinting your way through with some department store sunglasses, it’s time to change that around. All sunglasses are not created equal, and what you wear can say a lot about your style than you think. For example, if you like keeping it classy, then you won’t be flossing any diamonds on your eyepiece, but you just might be rocking some Shwood.

Knowing for weaving wood-based frames and fittings on to their glasses, Shwood is a leading the pack when it comes to creative designs. If you’re looking for something that other people aren’t wearing, and that will look clean and classic with any summer outfit, well, you’ve met your match. Scroll through and get acquainted.

1. Shwood Canby Sunglasses

A classic, World War II-inspired look, this is the popular Wayfarer design on woodgrain. Swangin’.


2. Shwood Govy Sunglasses

Bigger. Bolder. Blacked out. Put these on and 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” will automatically start playing from nowhere.


3. Shwood Eugene Sunglasses

A funky, retro way to say “Hop up out my bed, turn my swag on.”



Click below to shop over 30 styles from Shwood. 


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