The Illest Dance Video You’ll See This Year [GIF Notes][BOOTLEG]

We can barely believe our eyes. These guys move with so much precision and swag, at first we were convinced there was some low-key editing going on. The choreography alone would have taken MONTHS if not. Or maybe they’re all half-robot. After a bit of cursory digging, we found that Poppin’ John are, in fact, real human beings. They even have tutorial videos, so you can see how they do what they do and fail miserably trying to do it like them.

We’d recommend you watch the video above to get the full experience, but for all y’all out there working gigs where any and every video is NSFW, here are some of our favorite moments from the video:





The audio work in this video is fucking amazing, too. Huge props to Robotboys, a production duo made up of JeppeLong and Nick Nitro. Be sure to cop their new album on itunes. ¬†Support ill shit! And while you’re at it, check the bootleg we were inspired to make using samples from this video:

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