Snoop Lion And Major Lazer Get Away With Their New Visuals

Snoop Dogg Lion pays homage to old school video games with the fresh, 64-bit inspired visual. Linking up with Major Lazer for this jam, Snoop continues to not give a single fuck as he charts a new territory with his career.

If you stop to think about exactly how many different hats Snoop has worn in his time as musician, it gets¬†pretty crazy. We’re talking about someone that went from beating a first-degree murder charge as a former gangbanger, to getting banned from entire countries for smoking too much weed, to making songs like this. Incredible.

But back to the video, how many of y’all are trying to find your old Gameboys after watching this? Don’t lie now.

Show your true colors like Snoop Lion with this gaiter from NEFF.  

karmaloop_Mask_1 Karmaloop_Mask_2


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