Sock-ing Stuffers: A Dozen Must-Have Socks On Karmaloop


We have serious sock swag here at GURU. Most people only notice that our squad has some serious kick game, but our hosiery is a subtle detail noted only by the very astute. Rocking the ill socks says something about you. It says that your taste runs deep, and that you’re not just concerned with the facade of your purported style. You’re fly to your core–all the way down to the soles of your feet.

There’s a lot of sock action on Karmaloop, so we went through and filtered it down to the best ones, organized below by color:

RED – It’s a strong color, but the patterns on these joints are pretty simple so you can rock them with just about anything, just not with red shoes!

red 2 red 1

YELLOW – Either of these will look ill on some leather Clarks or something similar. Offset the plainness of dressier shoes with some Wu/French Fry flare.

yellow 3  yellow 1

GREEN – Rock some lowtops or slide on flip-flops with these joints so people can really see your sock game. Larry ain’t as good if you can only see his top half.

green 1 green 2

BLUE – All black sneakers + patterned blue socks = fly as fuck. Just don’t match your T-shirt to your socks.

blue 1 blue 2


BROWN – Some white lowtops will do these pretty well. Sidenote, if you got brown legs (like a lot of us GURUs do), make sure your brown socks are not too close to your skin color, especially if you’re wearing shorts. It will just look weird. 

brown 2 brown 1


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