Action Bronson Announces His New Tour By Smoking And Yelling On Camera

What do you get when you mix a portly Albanian rapper, a comedian from the Chappelle Show and multiple G -Pens?

You get a raucous, smoke filled two minutes of Action Bronson and Donnell Rawlings announcing the new Blue Chips 2 Tour. Throughout the clip, Bronson seems a bit agitated as he constantly blacks out on someone trying to bring him a script. C’mon homie, have you heard Action ever rap? Do you think he needs scripts?!

We had the chance to chill in Bronsolino backstage at the last Karmaloop Freakathon and he is really a gem of a person. He literally took pictures with everyone who asked, and stuck around to get super bent with us at the afterparty. Who’s joining us to catch him on tour?

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